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 (成功类). For any business to be successful, one must spend a lot of money on advertising.





  结论: 因此,想要取得成功就要关注产品的质量。



  引出: 生活中也出现了不少这样的例子。

  例子: 在汽车产业,总会有一些汽车因为某些汽车零件质量的问题而不得不选择召回已经销售出去的汽车,而这时候如何和客户沟通变得极其的重要。公司的服务人员需要维持好客户的关系,需要给予客户一定的赔偿,并且解决客户因为车辆被召回后产生的出行不便的问题,并且也要保障被召回的车辆在今后不会再出现同样的问题。例如今年大众旗下 Volkswagen 就有车型出现了断轴 The Ruputure of Rotor的巨大质量问题,使得消费者对于大众品牌产生了极大的怀疑与不信任。而这时候如何处理消费者对于品牌的信赖是在多的广告也不能解决的。



  At present, more enterprises are hoping for constant progress and achievement. In this case, some people may raise the dispute whether the companies should develop themselves by making more advertisements and they think making advertisements is the most important method to stimulate the sales of their products. From my perspective, although more customers might be familiar with products after watching the Ads, I still believe the other two areas should be more concerned for the following reasons and examples.

  To begin with, owing to consumers’ real concerns about the quality of products, the companies are supposed to enhance the technology of their products to ensure their products’ advantages in the market. Specifically speaking, the more wealth of average families generated by the social progress makes current citizens focus more on the quality of products that can not be ensured by the advertisement. Thus, the companies should spend the majority of their resources in developing and researching the latest technology. Take the phones’ market as an example. Compared with Nokia that was outdated and had to confront the bankruptcy ultimately, Apple company experiences a sprouting development thanks to the brand-new products of higher quality. It is generally acknowledged that the prices of Apple products are not low, however, the company’s products still receive warm welcome from people throughout the world. Let’s take a brief analysis of the success of Apple. Instead of using the outdated technology, Apple is courageous to invent new technology, namely, touch-screen technique that Nokia had once thought of but failed to insist on developing. Besides, the new operation system called IOS and strong App platform based on the new system has produced many precious opportunities for Apple, which is demonstrated by a huge number of users who are favor of the epoch-making products that offer clients much more convenience than phones of other brands. Consequently, although Apple seldom makes advertising, the Apple products are still favored by many consumers thanks to its superiority about its own higher quality of products.

  To be followed, aside from the quality of products, the companies are also required to focus on building good relationship with customers. In other words, no products can be perfect in every aspect, in this way; the maintenance of good relationship between companies and customers can help solve some potential crisis when some defects happen to the products. Take the event occurring to Volkswagen as an example. The rupture of rear shaft in New Sagitar, a type of vehicle promoted by the company; caused a huge loss to the company. However, the Quality Supervision Department of the company made a quick response and a spontaneous announcement that all the defective automobiles will be recalled and the company promised to the customers that the real suspension system would be fixed. The tragedy will be enormously serious, even endangering the reputation of the company and causing the irretrievable effects. However, the long-period good relationship with customers plays a key role in preventing the loss of customers. Surely, the immediate measures that are taken by the company are also as important as the maintenance of relations. Finally, the crisis was solved successfully, which should be ascribed the long-term good relations built by the company with the customers and the company’s sincere attitude when dysfunction of the car appears.

  Admittedly, to some extent, making advertisement can bring some benefits. The advantages of products will be presented by the audiences, bringing much convenience for potential clients when they have the demand for certain products. Except for that, owing to knowing the products, the consumers can compare them with their counterparts in the market and make the final decision to purchase. It appears to be sensible, however, the majority of advertising will conceal their drawbacks and exaggerate their merits and current consumers have been conscious of that. Therefore, many consumers will cast doubt to the quality of the products, and thus, compared with the possibility of being doubted by the consumers after viewing the advertisement, the company should spend more energy and time in optimizing its products to win the favor and acclaim from the customers.

  In a word, to be successful in the business, the companies should not focus on advertising. Instead, the improvement of quality and the maintenance of relationship with customers should be prioritized for them. By focusing on feelings of consumers, the companies can achieve a constant progress.

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